[Originally published July 28, 2016]

I’m gonna miss President Obama. Point. Blank. Period. Seeing him on screen speaking last night at the Democratic National Convention was definitely one of the highlights of my love for his career as our 44th President of these here United States. I love him. And our First Lady. And their daughters. They are like family to not just me, but to our nation. 
People can say what they want, but our President has made our country better over the eight years during his time in office. I don’t have to run through the stats, check them for yourselves. Just know, we are better off. I have also been uber impressed with his ability to rally behind the current candidate in a way that speaks volumes of his respect level for her capacity to be the next leader of the free world, particularly when they were so vehemently opposed just over eight years ago. I do not believe most people thought as highly of her until he spoke and gave his “okay.” We needed his stamp of approval. We needed his nod of acceptance. We needed his voice on the matter. We also needed to see their embrace and to read his lips saying to her, “I’m so proud of you.” That made all the difference to me. 
I will not say that I agree with every decision made while President Obama has been in the White House, but what I can and will always say is I am so thankful for the opportunity to be living in a time when he was there. I will never deny the amazing feeling that envelopes me each and every time I see our beautiful First Lady represent Black women around the country in a way only she can so eloquently do—bare-armed and fit, hair slayed and flawless, always appropriate, always thoughtful, always a lady. I will never deny how the thought of Sasha and Malia running around the White House being little kids and doing what little kids do makes me tear up because it speaks to what was once considered the impossible being proven wrong. This is the legacy they will leave. One I feel very much a part of and am proud to have witnessed. 
Now there is a second chance to experience history, and again, I find myself thankful for the moment to breathe the air of change. It’s no secret Hillary Rodham Clinton was not my first choice for the position of #45. But I will not deny the relief felt seeing my President give us (me) the permission to say yes to her. She is the heir to the same change we believed in back in 2008, and I’m glad to be a witness. She is not the first woman to push for this accomplishment—my esteemed Soror Shirley Chisolm will always hold that place, but Hillary is the first to receive the full nomination. Tears filled my eyes once again when I saw Bernie Sanders make the proclamation (what a stand-up guy), and then to continue to see the support of others as they grace the DNC stage and speak of our next Presidential hopeful…this is a wonderful time to be present. A wonderful time to be a woman. A wonderful time to make certain my vote is counted. I intend to do just that.


Until next time,