I’m going through withdrawals from my new favorite show since its winter finale aired a month ago.   There are layers upon layers upon layers of amazingness from the she-ro director, Ava Duvenay.  But “most importantly,” (yes, that’s exactly what I meant) the characters are captivating in a way that other shows have not been able to accomplish as of late.  In case you haven’t figured it out…I’m talking about the TV adaptation of the book, Queen Sugar! 

I love this show, and I love the characters so much more.  They are funny.  They are well thought out.  They are heartfelt.  They are real.  The women are gorgeous and the men are fiiiiiinnnnnneeeeee.  There is a level of truth displayed each week that makes me pause and nod with acceptance, laugh with exuberance, hang my head in shame, and at times, drop a tear. 

Now I can go on and on about the show, but I’d rather address one the characters specifically.  As a single woman, I take full notice of men who are 1) FINE, 2) about their business, and 3) Legit, and also—honorable mention, but usually a dealbreaker—4) more than 6’0 tall.  All of the men on this show are ‘about that life,’ with the exception of the character, Davis West—he’s whack and we don’t like him, ok?

That Remy Newell, however—pause—(I had to say a quick prayer), that REMY NEWELL is the one that makes me sit up straight each time he graces the screen!  Now, of course I know in real life the character is portrayed by the phenomenal actor Dondre Whitfield, who is happily married to the beautiful actress/director, Salli Richardson Whitfield.  I respect it.  For now though, I choose to drool over his character for the following reasons:

He’s sexy—He’s a farmer/cowboy/black man/milk-chocolatey, latte specimen of goodness, duh. 

He’s respectful—He had a clear attraction to Charley (the middle Bordelon sister), but remained appropriate in his communication with her until he knew she and ‘whack Davis’ were moving towards divorce. 

He’s thoughtful—He spends quite a bit of time thinking ahead, particularly where his love interest in concerned. Discussions with farm managers to smooth things over, flowers, planned dates, etc....he's a keeper!  

He’s ambitious—He stepped out and posed the opportunity for the Bordelon family to use a sugar cane he created instead of allowing them to chase their tails when other options became unavailable.  Who doesn't like and appreciate a man who will step out on faith and take initiative?!

He’s hard-working—He makes it a point to work just as hard as the Bordelon family even though he technically owes them nothing—he’s just a friend. I wonder how many of us have run people out of our lives because we overlook the intent and actions of others due to unrealistic expectations...

He’s grown—He doesn’t involve himself in petty, young, little boy mess.  He’s says what he means and means what he says.  He didn't waste time or play with words when telling his love interest he wanted her, nor did he play games when he was upset with her and chose to back away.  A man who can say exactly what he means without beating around the bush OR being vague...I’m all the way here for it!  

I’ve listed just a few of the most predominant reasons why ‘Remy’ is an A-1, top choice, type of guy.  Highlighting his characteristics has me thinking about the types of men that really turn heads.  Is it the “Alpha,” confident (read arrogant) man?  Or the quiet, more laid back man that allows his love interest to take the wheel while he sits comfortably in the backseat?  Who are we drawn to more?  Who is a better catch?  No matter the personality, there is something special about a man who can exhibit the qualities of “Remy.”  Take notice when you come across one who does it well.   

Until next time,


Image from queensugarown.tv

Image from queensugarown.tv