What exactly is an author and media personality doing at a panel on fashion and design???

GURL-A…getting my LIFE!! That is exactly what I was doing at the recent, “What do you know about Fashion?” panel and event hosted by stylist extraordinaire himself, Mr. Brian Lamont. 

Housed in Washington DC’s popular H Street restaurant and lounge, Red Rocks, on a fun Friday afternoon, guests escaped the work week to the second floor setup with luscious vendors, food, drinks, and of course, major fashion industry designers and stylists.  It was a novice stylist’s dream come true!

Now, I am NOT a stylist by any sense of the word—I literally need help putting together clothes to run to the grocery store.  So you can guess, when I received the invitation to cover the event I experienced a range of emotions.  More like panic.  “OMG, I can’t wait! YESSSS! Thank you!!” to “OMG, are you sure? What am I going to wear??? What type of questions should I ask? OMG, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???” “I’m not going.” “Of course I’m going…get it together.” And this was just the first fifteen minutes after getting the invite.   

Well, needless to say…I pulled it together, and I’m so glad I did.  This event was one of the most fun and insightful panel discussions I have attended in a very long time!  Each entity represented brought a uniqueness to the conversation and shared from their hearts.  Presented in two parts, the designer’s panel with Byron Garrett of The Valdecio Collection, Chantale of Eve Lawrence Boutique, and Ebony Westbrook of ESW Jewelry, offered sage advice on starting, maintaining, and representing your product and brand.  Their passion was easily felt as they shared ups and downs experienced and how they pushed through difficulty to attain goal after goal.  It was quite easy to see the passion of each designer, as they equipped us with tips on business, fashion and life!

The second was equally full of LIFE with such panelists as wardrobe stylists, Logan Renee and Juvaughn Scurlock, Joy Copeland of the The Joy of Styling, media personality, Ashleigh Demi, and Daniel Grimsley, affectionately known in the fashion world as “FrankntheCity.”

Along with funny anecdotes on their experiences in the field of styling, they each dropped noteworthy gems surrounding thoughts on fashion:

“Anything that resonates in your soul is a vibe.” –Ashleigh Demi

“When I put on clothes I am the tea! It’s the way I express myself…” FrankntheCity

“When I walk in a room I want my clothes to speak for me.”—Logan Renee

Audience members were able to delve into the minds of the panelists by asking anything from how to get started as a stylist, current thoughts on “fast fashion,” and of course, ways the group loves to stay on top of the ever changing fashion curve. 

Being a visitor in their world, I felt quite comfortable sitting back and relaxing with the fabric and style elite, so to speak.  It was truly an event for the “fashion connoisseur,” and I was delighted to have a seat at the table.  I left with a strong appreciation for the strength within designers, the hunger in stylists, and an overall sense of knowing I’d put together an outfit for that day that was on point enough to be complimented by Mr. Brian Lamont himself J