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Love Dish

Love Dish™ is a new twist on love and relationships that sets the stage for a creative mix of great conversation and good food by unpacking hot topics, quirky questions, and signature dishes with amazing new guests each week. Check out the show HERE, or SUBSCRIBE to the channel. 


Love Notes

This tongue and cheek guide for successful relationships in the form of a "little black book" offers something for everyone.  Whether lover or loser, there's a quick whip for all!




the game according to life

This thought-provoking book explores the highs and lows of relationships through the eyes of Life, a young woman navigating her way through the Game.

Experience her poignant and oftentimes comical "coming of age" journey as a conversation starter with other young women, daughters and friends.


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What reviewers are saying...

About The Game According to Life:
"A REAL PAGE TURNER!! 5 Stars.  It was such an honest, thoughtful, and, at times, hilarious look at the transition from adolescence to womanhood. A raw reflection of broken families, breaking chains, and living in ones own real truth. It made me laugh; it made me cry; it made me reevaluate my own past decisions and revisit interactions in order to make sure I pulled the lessons from all them. This is one of the most honest depictions of relationships (family, parental, love, lust), I've encountered in a very long time. Vivid depictions of a time worth indulging in! Well worth the read!!"  - Regina
"[The character] Life, had a story to tell! This book is filled with intriguing stories of reality - drawing you into the emotions of the writer. This candid, relevant and honest exchange of the transitions faced in her life, with a hint of sexy makes it hard to put the book down! A recommended read for all but especially young women. I am so awaiting her next work!" - Valerie A Burrell
About Love Notes for Life:
"This book was written for all. Love advice for all types of relationships. Simple and 100% real!" - Sherria
"Love notes for life is absolutely a must read!! What I liked about the book it gets straight to the point, some things that you may have already been thinking about in relationships internally as you read them it just confirms it K.S. Lewis is right on point !! Love notes for Life is the TRUTH! Not to mention it's a short read. Powerful insight. Do your self a favor and pick up a copy, this also would make a great gift." - Garrett